Testimonials - Seizures

I started coming to Dr. Katie in the spring of 2007. I was about halfway through a very difficult pregnancy with my daughter and I had been struggling with finding a solution to my son’s health problems. He was about 18 months old at the time and my husband and I were at our wits end with trying to figure out what was wrong with him! Since he was 2 months old he seemed to always be sick. He would get something as mundane as the sniffles and it would turn almost instantly into a high fever of at least 104! Just after his first birthday he was down with yet another “unknown virus” and 40 minutes after bringing him home from the doctor he had a high fever induced seizure. It was very abnormal for that type of seizure, he stopped breathing and when he did start breathing again he did not snap out of his catatonic state for almost 6 hours. We spent 4 days at Children’s Hospital where they ran every test under the sun and still could not find a reason why his immune system was not responding properly. 

Over the next 6 months every time he got a cold he would instantly spike a fever and was at risk of another seizure. A simple trip to Target would be an ordeal because it seemed if he touched anything it would make him sick, it was as if his body just would not fight off anything. After multiple seizures and testing of all kinds, we came to Dr. Katie. After seeing her a few times a week for about a month it was like I had a different child! I will never forget the first cold he had that did not turn into a fever! Its been so wonderful to have his body finally functioning just the way it is supposed to! Dr. Katie has been such an incredible gift to our family! I have adjusted kids and am now almost done with my second pregnancy where I have seen Dr. Katie and it has been amazing! I am looking forward to another very smooth delivery thanks to her wonderful care!

Ruth Ann