Testimonials - Pain

I wanted to thank you for everything Discover Family Chiropractic has done for me. I started receiving care from Dr. Katie in January 2009. I was having a hard time playing with my kids and keeping up with my 2 year old without having pain in my lower back. I knew it was time to do something about the pain when I was playing with my 5 month old on the floor and couldn’t get up holding her or even on my own. I had to have my husband help me off the floor! I “gave in” and made an appointment with Dr. Katie. I started treatment at 3 times a week and was reduced to 2 times a week after about 8 weeks. At that time I could tell that my quality of life has improved drastically. I wasn’t having problems helping my 2 year old on his roller blades and I could bend over and pick my 8 month old off the ground without a problem. I could sit o the floor for hours and play with them and not have pain shooting down my leg and the best part was that I could get off the ground by myself while holding my 8 month old. We just did a follow up nerve scan and it read “normal” this is probably the first time in my life that my spine has been “normal”. My quality of life has been drastically improved thanks to Discover Family Chiropractic!

Thank you Dr. Katie and Jenny!

Jennifer H.

I have had a pain on my left side for 4 years. Each doctor that I have seen I’ve told them about the pain in my left side. None of them could diagnose the reason for it. A friend had suggested that I try a chiropractor-more precisely Dr. Katie. In 4 weeks I could stand straight without pain. I have gone to my appointments 2 or 3 a week for about 3 months and neither I nor my family can believe what a different person I am now. I would suggest to anyone to see a chiropractor, particular Dr. Katie.

 Ardelle V.

When I came to Dr. Katie I was really hurting, all over. There were a lot of things I just couldn’t’ do any more. I would work in the garden for about 30 minutes and rest for 15. After going to Dr. Katie each week and taking supplements that she suggested I take, I have really been feeling so much better. I have now been working in the garden ALL day and ALL WEEKEND! It is so wonderful to be retired and be able to feel good to do things.

Jody B.

 I’ve been coming to see Dr. Katie for a month now and I’m feeling so much better. She is treating me for some lower back pain and pinched nerves. I had no idea how messed up my back was until I started here. I’m getting back to my old self and moving around more.

Thanks Dr.Katie!

Renee G.