Testimonials - Headaches

Before I started coming to Dr. Katie I had 4 or more migraines a week. Now I don’t have any at all. Dr. Katie is a miracle worker!!

Jenny H.

To: Potential Discover Family Chiropractic patient

I started coming to Doctor Katie in September 2007. I had daily headaches as well as shoulder and neck pain. It was hard to get through a day without taking over the counter medication.

Now, Four months later, and I feel great! I cannot believe what a difference her treatments have made in such a short time.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Doctor Katie’s treatments to someone who is looking for relief from chronic pain.

Tracy M.

I first came in because “of headaches and lack of energy.”  I thought my first adjustment was “interesting” because “I had such vivid dreams that night.”  Since beginning chiropractic care, my improvements have been “no more headaches!! I also have a lot more energy and sleep much better at night” and I feel “great! I feel much healthier.” 

“Thank you so much for improving my health Dr. Katie!”

-Brooke S