Testimonials - Asthma

I have had breathing problems since my freshman year of high school. I’m a football player and I wasn’t able to make it a full game, I could only play defense. Now I’m a junior and I started going here over the summer and I have been breathing so much better. I’m now playing on offense, defense and special teams. I only come off the field a hand full of plays with no breathing problems at all. It’s amazing. I’m so glad that I started coming here. I should’ve come in sooner. Thank you so much Dr. Katie!!

Pat A.

I was referred to D.F.C by a co-worker after my most recent migraine. My migraines have been ongoing for the better part of 15 years and never would have thought it could be caused by nerve interference-seems silly now! My first appt with Dr. Katie was on 4/13/09 and soon after had my first adjustment. After only 2 adjustments I notice a huge improvement in being able to sleep thru the night (where I would have laid awake for 3-4 hours a night), lower stress level, and more surprisingly- improvements in my breathing, where I used to use an inhaler when I exercised before. Even with the use of an inhaler I would get so tight in my chest after a mile run I would have to walk. The max run I would go is 2 miles because further was out of the question. The night of my 2nd adjustment I went out running and noticed I could run and breathe at the same time. Something I hadn’t felt since I was a child! That night I ran 2.5 miles without any breathing issues and was SO excited and amazed at how fast the adjustments were helping. I am now able to run 3-5 times per week, with my furthest distance on one outing of 5 miles (and still no breathing issues!) I am now happy to say I am off my inhaler, have run a total of 48 miles so far in the past 5 weeks, and have since signed up for a 5K race in June! I have not had any migraines and also have less pain between my shoulders- where I think I was carrying my stress. While I was skeptical of chiropractic care when I first walked in the door, I am now a huge believer or this type of “alternative” care, where traditional medicines have not helped or worked in the past. I have seen such improvements because of the adjustments, and so fast in my case that I look forward to my visits because I know I am finally being treated for several issues I have had. I am so pleased with DFC and am hopeful the migraine issues are behind me. And I can continue on being happy and healthy (and maybe training for a half-marathon for next year!!

Ann C